A Year of Lawn Care

During Each season, there are treatments your lawn needs to be its healthiest, greenest best.  And it is never too late to start.  Greensman has a list of general lawn care guidelines for helping your lawn become the best it can be.

  1. In March thru early May, depending on weather, Greensman cleans the lawn, removing dead grass, leaves and debris.  We then prepare your lawn for fresh growth by a mixture of the following preparations:  A. Dethatching to remove dead grass.  B. Aerating the lawn, to allow oxygen and moisture better reach.  C. Applying our unique ONE APPLICATION FERTILIZER with slow release, which lasts until fall.  It not only fertilizes, but also protects against broadleaf, crabgrass and other weeds.  D. regularly mow to keep your lawn healthy.  Talk to us, we can help you determine when this application should go down.
  2. From Early May through June your Greensman professional can inspect and treat all broad leaf weeds, if any, and most importantly, check for turf conditions.  If this inspection reveals Grub or other insects, control can be handled with two or three treatments, and lasts the rest of the season.  If your lawn is irrigated, Greensman will need to check for lawn diseases and fungi that sometimes thrive in the humid heat.  Make sure you water during morning and evening to prevent evaporation.    
  3. From July through August, Greensman inspects and treats all broad leaf weeds and can spot treat grassy weeds.  What a difference this can make in the overall appearance of your lawn.
  4. Late August through October is another time when your Greensman professional should check for turf conditions.  Even if the lawn was doing well in June, a late season inspection can reveal a need for broad leaf weed control, as well as other conditions.  A late season treatment can give your lawn a healthy head start next year. If you did not dethatch and aerate your lawn in the spring, we can perform these tasks in September or October instead.  The last few mows should be low, approximately two and a half to three inches of grass height.
  5. In November through December, Greensman Lawn Care recommends a complete balanced fertilization, or winterizing treatment.  Along with this treatment, Greensman can spot treat weeds as long as the weather allows.

Greensman commits to using only quality products and keeping its services affordable, so you can enjoy a beautiful green lawn without worrying about the effect of harsh chemicals on your lawn and your family.  Our fertilizer is designed to be gradually released to your lawn only when growing conditions are best.  No more burnt lawn because the weatherman predicted rain that never came.  The fertilizer is polymer coated to keep it sealed during drought or during cooler temperatures and release it when it can benefit your lawn.  Nothing gets wasted or lost.

Each step of lawn care is always affected by an uncontrollable factor – the weather.  That’s why Greensman is offering lawn care steps by a time range and not on a tight timeline.  Our professionals have been doing this for years, and we understand lawns.  Our commitment to you, is that we will use only high quality, premium treatments on your lawn for beautiful results that you and your family can enjoy coming home to, or staying home to revel in your lush beautiful greenspace. 

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